Friday, September 9, 2016


In addition to Deandre Joshua and the three bodies in burning cars that I knew about outside of Ferguson, on Riverview drive, in Baden**, and in East St. Louis, there is this list and note.

From @missjupiter1957 social media post:
I've been tracking these murders for 2yrs, but now that people are actually talking about them, there is a lot of misinformation.
#DeandreJoshua was a friend of Dorian Johnson's, but contrary to popular belief, he was NOT a grand jury witness.
I only later discovered #TerrellBeasley was actually killed by a cop before he was mysteriously "found dead in a burning car," b/c I was already tracking men-shot-&-burned-in-cars. It was never reported as an "officer-involved shooting."
#VinnieCascella was NOT black. He was white, which is why I know more about his life from local media than the 1st 4.
#ShawnGray is not on this list b/c he drowned & was NOT shot-&-burned-in-a-car. He was also NOT a grand jury witness.

And this video from News One Now: 

**Baden was Terrell Beasley.


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