Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Within the last few months we have seen Ferguson and the other PD's pursue charges against Ferguson activists from last year.

We have to do the same. Don't call the ACLU, go into their offices and talk to someone. (454 Whittier St, St. Louis, MO 63108)

It may be that if you have charges the best thing to do is challenge them in court.  It may be that you should pay the fine or accept the plea and then file a lawsuit.

Take a page out of the real "thugs" book:  When the Koch Brothers sought to hijack national elections they didn't hire protesters, they hired lawyers. (If you don't know about Citizen's United click here.)

We learned in Ferguson what this country is really about. Who is really in charge.  And now it is time to reclaim our power.  The laws need to reflect the People's rights, not the police and Good Ole Boys of industry and politics.

And Robert McCulloch needs to be removed from office.  There needs to be some sort of legal suit brought against him for the way he conducted Wilson's Grand Jury.  He will remain in office until we remove him. 

Law and order are not the same as peace and justice.  And there will be neither peace nor justice as long as that "powers that be" are allowed to remain intact.