Wednesday, October 29, 2014


MFK Fischer once commented that the reason French cuisine was so celebrated was not because of the 3 star chefs of 12 course meals served in the finest Parisian restaurants, but because of the skill of the home cook.  "Silent versus erudite cooking."

In the same way, our democracy and freedom is not decided in Congress, but on the streets of the U.S. Whatever slick words-written by scores of speechwriters- are uttered by equally slick looking politicians in front of D.C. cameras, the reality is here in Ferguson. The reality is the murder of Michael Brown, the massive coverup and conspiracy to protest Darren Wilson, and the treatment of protesters by the police.

I know that not everyone has the resources to travel, I certainly don't. And I know that the March Against Corruption and the Million Mask March are global, and the more widespread, the better.  And certainly St. Louis/Ferguson is not the only city with killer cops and corrupt, racist, local governments.

St. Louis- and when said without the qualifiers of either "city" or "county" I mean both, and that includes Ferguson- is a small place. Under 2 million. And we are not on the map politically, or at least not visibly.

If you are not "just" a political activist in a Guy Fawkes mask, but a true member of the Anonymous hacktivist group, St. Louis is the place for you.

St. Louis IS the center of "secret" government.  The link between the current ruling class infrastructure goes back to World War 2 and the Bush family. The National Personnel Records are archived here. Boeing and Monsanto are here. You can't walk two paces in any "nice" white suburb without bumping into a retired Fed. And we seem to breed a lot of NSA, CIA, & FBI directors.

We have our own "Skull and Crossbones" society in the form of the Veiled Prophets. I don't have confirmation, but I would bet McCulloch is a Grand Wizard or Moolah or whatever they call themselves these days.

Baby Doc Duvalier's last wife retired here, to Chesterfield. Serco showed up recently, mainly to sabotage "Obamacare".  St. Louis has the second largest Basillica next to Rome. (You know the Catholic Church has its sticky, greedy fingers in the pie, right? Right.)

Something shifted here in 2011. For one thing, the ATF has shown up en masse. New paramilitary surveillance businesses have formed. All the soldiers that have been spotted, rumored to be part of the preparation for martial law when the Grand Jury verdict is announced may NOT actually be new to the area. In fact, they might have been here all along. Waiting for an excuse.

Until the main branch of the city library downtown was remodeled, it too was an archive of years of government documents.  And until recently this whole area, including East Saint Louis across the river, was supposed to be a drone free zone.

Now those archives have been shipped off to another secret hiding place. Wichita, maybe? No one knows. Just rumors. And the drone free zone? Also shifted, again, to Kansas.

You should be here, Anonymous, because a lot of what you are looking for can be found here. In the casual comments of the two retired guys have a facebook chat, or in a cryptic email from an old friend passing through, staying at a motel that, if you lived here, you would wonder why a wealthy person would choose to stay in. (On the North Side, not too close to the airport, in an area with bad cell service, in a room where no cell or internet can be connected.)

Lambert airport might get shut down. And even the smaller airports.  But the river ports won't be shut down.  The secret cargo of the mighty Mississippi could unravel cartels and cabals around the world, from the inside out.

So if you aren't coming here on the 1st or the 5th, or even the 8th, come, if you can, as soon as you can.  Not just for the many unlikely caches you will find here and nowhere else, and that should be reason enough.

Come because we need you. Whatever you are seeing in the media, independent or mainstream, and however many Ferguson protesters you are following on twitter, until you come here, you cannot see what we are really dealing with.  What the real struggle is.

We need not JUST an influx of activists and hacktivists, but also we need the kind of minds that can translate the binary code of repression that is holding back the inert masses.

We need you to walk among us truly anonymous, without a mask, without any indication of who you really are, to see us and to help us write a new operating system for this country.

With the assistance of your dexterity, your mischief, your humor, your skill, we could easily pull the rug out from under the current power structure.  Much easier than in a larger city.

And without violence. One thing St. Louis has in excess is violence. We need MINDS. We need SKILL. We need SURPRISE. 

And if we could do it here, it would be a domino effect across the nation.

If you can't come now, please, come as soon as you can.  Please come by November 8th. 

We need you Anonymous.  We need Legion. Can we expect you?